Tekpages is a Platform to Deliver Technology Solutions and Services for all industries.

Tekpages is a Platform to Deliver Technology Solutions and Services for all industries.

we believe that quality is an endless cycle. This is a continuous path to improvement.

Artificial Intelligence 

We design intelligent, self-sufficient and contextual systems, create powerful and intelligent solutions saturated with high-class artificial intelligence that not only seamlessly integrate with business processes, but are also aware of increased operational efficiency and business development.

internet of things

IOT, a concept that connects everyday objects using a medium called the Internet. We literally see that in our daily lives, almost all our electronic products have access to the Internet and are controlled by a medium that is nothing but our cell phones. Thanks to our methodology, we can introduce changes to your company as an IOT programming service below.


TekPages works with leading organizations to provide modernized experience and redefine ways to increase workforce and increase business results faster. As one of the few Workday partners that enjoys a 360% relationship – not only trusted advisors as the most global Workday partner, but also the most complex Workday customer – it gives us a unique perspective and the opportunity to cooperate with a deeper business day, including product development and early implementation programs.



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Based on our experience in all major industries, we develop solutions that solve the most complex IT problems. Our team uses one of two programming approaches. In the applied projects we are fully responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems throughout our lives. As part of our joint development, we work with our IT specialists to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

Custom ASP.NET Website Development
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
Umbraco CMS System Development
E-Commerce Platforms
Enterprise Management System
Asp.Net MVC and Web Forms


TekPages are designed to provide the highest quality IT support for companies that want to reduce costs and increase productivity. Thanks to service plans based on a fixed annual / monthly fee you get an individual computer service at an affordable price.

At TekPages, we understand the value of your resources and plan to brighten the future of your business. In particular, we design and create custom applications and databases that are used to automate business processes and increase efficiency. Our applications are used to launch many successful Irish companies and help them make the best use of business information. Technological solutions provide cost savings by reducing the need for resources and increasing efficiency.


About us

TekPages is a Total Quality Management company with basic competences in providing solutions and services in the field of IT products and quality management systems. Cheric has become a trusted partner in the private, public and corporate sectors, offering quality management services for their daily needs.

42+ Employees


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