MKG AI Made for You

My Knowledge Group was established by industry experts in 2015 to provide cost-effective IT solutions and services to organizations successfully competing in the market. We offer innovative solutions that enable individuals and organizations to make efficient and effective use of technology in line with efficiency and shared goals.


Currently, most incumbent organizations in various industries are exposed to the risk of digital interference on the one hand, even if they reach for its capabilities. Most respond to the idea of ​​digital transformation. The winners of this race go beyond performance and productivity assumptions towards more strategic topics such as business model innovation and enterprise digitization.

At TeKPages, we combine artificial intelligence with our deep engineering knowledge to help our clients implement highly intelligent and interactive AI systems and applications.

Custom software solutions provide the greatest possible flexibility because the software is customized to the specification and way of doing business and can be changed as the company changes. As business becomes more and more aggressive, the requirements for being ahead of the competition are also increasing. Get an offer of unprecedented value thanks to our innovative software engineering services.

Intelligent automation has changed the game. It has already become the most effective path to the organization’s performance and efficiency. Intelligent organizations are now aware of the need to implement intelligent automation. They know that this can improve the use of IT resources, help them implement organizational strategies, achieve cost reduction goals, enable the adoption of new technologies, and change the quality of customer service.

Transform your organization into an intelligent digital workforce.

Maximize ROI by discovering new ideas for automation and implementing comprehensive business process automation software that is completely custom, flexible, centralized and user friendly.

Automation of operational business processes, including employee management, inventory management, invoice processing, data search and report generation, etc.

Our personal advisors listen to your needs.