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As a leading supplier of digital transformation, MKG is constantly pushing the envelope. We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you leverage most of your technology investments to generate a competitive advantage.

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As a leading supplier of digital transformation, TekPages is constantly pushing the envelope. We develop innovative strategies and solutions that help you leverage most of your technology investments to generate a competitive advantage.

TekPages is ready to provide IT consulting in the field of advanced technology platforms, real-time software environment models, using appropriate tools, techniques and applications. To realize this vision, we emphasize.

To position IT as a facilitator of success, you need to adopt an agile mindset and drive continuous integration, development and delivery. TekPages integrates infrastructure, applications and traditional tests to modernize your IT operations and meet growing demands.

Applications Support

MKG has provided a full range of IT services to address all issues related to recent economic uncertainty. Our IT outsourcing option model can help you optimize costs by focusing on business expansion, maintenance and acquisitions. We help in our outsourcing services, such as:

End User Support

The End User Support Technician provides essential support to computer software development organizations, network system vendors, software companies, and software and hardware vendors. Support technicians support customers who have problems or defects in products and programs.

Managed Backups

Whether it’s a lack of equipment, a natural disaster, or a file cleanup by a member of your team, our managed backup service allows you to quickly restore your services and data – in some cases, in just a few minutes. 
In our managed backup service you have everything you need to recover data from servers and workstations. We offer backup and recovery for existing Windows and Mac OSX systems, specializing in Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint servers.
Our managed backup service comes with a simple predictable monthly fee and we take care of everything for you.

Bug fixes

Correct documentation needs to be filed with changes or open ticket related events until it is finally resolved with a bug fix. Keeping such a record prevents technology companies from getting bogged down in technical issues that could irritate a product or system during the journey from initial development to final release.

Auto Monitoring

This paper proposes a new concept of auto-monitoring of power quality for distributed generation based on virtual means. The importance of its hardware system and software system is analyzed, its main functions and features are explained. The principle of auto-monitoring algorithms have been explored and simulation analysis by alternatives has been performed. The results of the simulations and experiments show that the auto-monitoring system can detect the disturbance period, real-time and accurately of the distributed power product.

Auto Notification

Notifications are automatic messages that remind users to complete replication tasks. For example, you can enable messages that automatically notify users when their timesheet is pending, or you can agree while an item is waiting for approval. Reminders can help keep submissions and approvals of articles on time.

Ongoing enhancements

Separation of Histone TekPages: A throthological but complementary area for ongoing advances in technology is the development of methods that reduce the complexity of the sample at the front end of the mass spectrometer.

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